We are a friendly group of electronics nerds who meet up twice a week to share projects, help each other out with problems they've come up against, and generally have fun with software and hardware projects.

Our Hackerspace is proud to be a part of the international Hackerspaces movement.

We started out as an adhoc group in 2010, meeting in the Format basement fortnightly to hack on projects like the Peel Street Lantern, a mind controlled air cannon and even a version of the Tekken Torture Tournament.

In June 2012 we put together a formal committee and became Hackerspace Adelaide Incorporated. The drive for this was to be able to apply for future grants, be paid to attend events like the Royal Adelaide Show and Science Alive festival, and to be able to accept memberships to help grow our community.

If you have any questions, please come to one of the hack sessions and ask us anything, or email info@hackerspace-adelaide.org.au

Logos, flyers and posters can be found on the wiki. We'd love you to print some out and stick them up.